6 Limousine Etiquette Best Black Car Services in Los Angeles

Limousine Etiquette: 6 Things You Should Know

Everyone loves riding in limousines. We believe they are essentially the focal point of the current situation.

They’re pretty much the highlight of the event that’s going on, are we correct?

Whether it’s for a birthday party, your wedding, anniversary, prom, bachelor or bachelorette party, or a night out, a fantastic cheap limo service Los Angeles is always a blast. Even though the main objective of limo travel is to have fun, there are some general rules for limo etiquette that everyone should follow. You ought to show respect for the driver and the luxury car service you are using.

But what exactly does this respect entail? Here are a few things to remember as a passenger.

1. Guest Count

When making a reservation for a limousine or the best black car services in Los Angeles, it’s a good idea to let the company know how many people would be riding along. It’s also good to let them know if the number of passengers increases for any reason. In this way, they can determine which of their vehicles will be the most accommodating, comfortable, and safe for your party.

2. Know How to Get In

Despite how ridiculous it may appear; this actually results in a lot of last-minute mistakes and embarrassment. Let the driver open the door for you because that is their obligation. Then, for a seamless exit, pick the first seat that becomes available and swing your legs in. Once seated, make your way along the row of seats until you find the ideal position.

3. Know the Party Rules

If there is a rule, follow it because smoking is frequently prohibited in the vehicles used by premium car services. Ask the establishment if drinking is permitted before making a reservation. Keep the car in a courteous manner as well. Don’t curse or be impolite to your driver. They also need to feel a certain level of safety because they are working for you.

4. Don’t Fight

We are aware that while renting a limo for a night out, the passengers frequently engage in drinking and partying. However, avoid becoming the inebriated passenger who causes a fight inside the limo. This is always silly, frequently dangerous, and wholly unnecessary. Without a doubt, it’s improper limousine etiquette!

5. Don’t Trash the Limo

Leave the limo as close to how you found it as you can. Never leave any empty bottles, cans, or wrappers behind. Be careful not to spill drinks or food on other passengers. Keep your shoes from scuffing the seats. When you go, take your belongings with you. Be warned that if there is a mess, certain luxury car service providers really charge a cleaning fee.

6. Don’t Forget to Tip

Generally speaking, you should tip the limo driver 20% for a big occasion (especially if the passengers are in “party mode”) and 15% for a typical ride.

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